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Wadi Redan Company Factories For concrete

More than 40 years experience in concrete products

Wadi Redan Trading, Industry and Contracting Company is a Saudi limited liability company headquartered in the capital, Riyadh. Since the first day of establishing the company’s branch in Medina in the year 1402 AH, it has been seeking primarily to serve the city of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, by providing all the requirements in the field of architecture and construction. It began its activity in the field of architectural contracting and then in the same year opened a factory for ready-mixed concrete and products. Cement Company, as one of the oldest and most prestigious concrete factories in Medina, provided it with the best mixing stations, and a fleet of pumps and mixers. It also opened the Wadi Redan Crushers Complex and provided it with the latest equipment and machinery. It also installed the first advanced sand and aggregate sinks in Medina.

Wadi Redan Company Factories For cement products

More than 40 years of experience in cement products

The cement products factories that Wadi Raydan Company established and operated in the city of Al-Mustafa, may God bless him and grant him peace in the year 1431 AH, are considered an important industrial monument to meet the needs of this good town for various cement products. These factories have been selected and installed as the most advanced, sophisticated and distinguished in the world in this field, where advanced computer programs control all stages of production from the beginning of selecting materials and colours, then preparing appropriate mixtures, pressing into molds, steam treatment, quality control, and finally arranging, strapping and loading on trucks. Reaching customers with unparalleled quality, exact sizes and high stress resistance that distinguishes it from other factories. An environmental study was conducted for the entire project to be environmentally friendly and protect the city from environmental pollution.

Wadi Redan crushers and sand and gravel washers

More than 35 years experience in the crushing field

Crushers section was inaugurated at WadiRedan.CO AL-madinah AL-munawwarah in 1410 Hj


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